The aim was a gallery of beautiful photographs for a Christmas present for the owner, Emily, and the result definitely did stack up! A horse photoshoot in the depths of Allerthorpe woods, near Pocklington, East Yorkshire, is probably an infrequent sight for most, but for us, it was kind of a normal day!

Emily wanted to recreate an image that was taken when Twiggy, the 20+ year old Connemara mare, was about 5 years old. This image featured Emily in a bridesmaid dress atop the horse under a willow tree. We didn’t need it to identical in terms of the posing, but a photo of Emily on Twiggy was vital. Here’s the reference image:

Challenge accepted.

Using a variety of lenses and locations within the woodland, photographing Twiggy was a dream. Using a thin but highly respected halter specially for photography, we captured images that could have the halter removed in seconds back at the office. This gave us a wide variety of posing options, which can be seen in just a few of the shots in the final gallery.

After the session, I headed home to work up the gallery and when the family came to view, there were loud gasps as the images worked through their little slideshow! Because the purpose was to pick a gift, it took a little bit of time to work out what product in what finish and with what image to go for. In the end, the family decided on an acrylic panel with a slim-line frame which Emily had hinted that she loved a few weeks prior.

Emily was also gifted with a USB of all of the images from the session so that she could print or share them on social media if she wanted too.

We had to keep the session under wraps all through till Christmas which was SO hard! Thankfully, Emily got in touch on Christmas day to say she’d opened her present and she loved it. They even put it on the wall that evening! Here’s a couple of snaps of the main product: