Molly’s owner asked me if I could photograph the two of them together in the woodland, and of course just Molly alone. We headed out to Allerthorpe Woods in East Yorkshire to capture some memories and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for us.

Molly is a funny little collie, she has such an air of superiority and stick-lovingness about her, it’s hard not to fall in love!

She was a superstar from start to finish and we captured some lovely images which genuinely just sum her up. Here’s a few:

After the session, I headed home to work up the final gallery and when Rachael came to view, there were tears! It took a little time to whittle down the gallery to the final selection and settling happily on the middle portrait collection, it was just a week or two to wait until the order was delivered.

By this time, Lockdown 2.0 had hit in the UK so a no-contact drop off was arranged and it was a day or so until Rachael opened the items.

I’m not sure Molly is impressed, but her mum definitely was