Photography redefined.

Photographs of what’s important, by Jess

Jessica McGovern is an award-winning photographer based in East Yorkshire, England, who has been widely published for her work. With over 10 years professional photography experience, she is now an educational content creator and has helped over 65,000 other photographers to improve their own work.

You probably already know that though, so let’s cut to the chase! You’re on this page because you may be interested in a commissioned session with Jess, so it’s important to be honest and transparent here. Jess only takes a small number of commissioned sessions each year and most have a specific content topic or purpose in mind. For that reason, if there is a content piece that Jess can use you or your models for, there will be no creative fee for the session itself and you’ll have some stunning artwork created as a result!

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2020 Pet Photographer of the Year

Jess was honoured to receive the 2020 Pet Photographer of the Year at the International Master Photography Awards from the MPA in October 2020. Jess won this award under her maiden name, Jessica Wealleans.

Why book jess?

Because, it’s art.

Through her photography career, Jess has always aimed to marry the subjects personality with something a little bit more. The result, as seen in the portfolio here, is art. You will rarely hear anyone refer to Jess’ photography as “shots”, “snaps” or “pics”, because really they aren’t. They’re so much more.

Each image is captured in-camera with a specific set of technical and compositional elements in place. Then, the image moves into the retouching stage where the feel, tone and drama are extended. The result is a finished “piece” that hangs on your wall effortlessly, catching eyes and dropping jaws with ease.

Jess is based here.

Jess is based off Junction 38 of the M62, with good transport links to the whole of the UK and Europe.